Which Team Has More Chance To Win In The World Cup 2019 In England?

Cricket, without any doubts the most mystical sport to be played. One just cannot guarantee that at which side the feather will land. It’s not just I who believes in this theory; in fact, the records talk to us as so. There is a long list of such incidents which took place in front of the very eyes of the spectators that the unbeatable had to face the music at some points (the CT17 final) and sometimes the unknown became the legend (The devastating blows from Carlos Braithwaite in T20 WC 2016). That is why it is a tough job to say which team would raise the CWC 2019 trophy on the 14th of July.

But still, we have made some personal analysis regarding the results of the ICC world cup 2019 tournament. But in the end these are just made up conclusions, non-reality, the final results completely depend upon the efforts and performance of the teams. Some keep your figures crossed and hope for some positive results.

Possibility Of Teams To Own The Title WC 2019


The green caps have always been the gamblers of the game. Their ICC career has always been a dubious one as no one can guess accurately that what card would come out from their sleeves either an Ace or a Joker. They sometimes play so authentically that the opponent is left astonished and on some occasions, they give away the game like a souvenir to their nemesis. But if their key players are in destructive mode then we will surely be looking out for some fireworks. We rate them as

Chances Of Winning 2019 Cricket World Cup: [highlight color=”green”]6/10[/highlight]


The hosting side will surely have the advantage of the world cup 2019 being played in their home and they will try to extract all the possible opportunities as well. Also, they showed some impressive piece of performance in the past too and will be heading towards the chances of being the candidate of the final.

Chances Of Winning 2019 Cricket World Cup: [highlight color=”green”]9/10[/highlight]


The team is known for its world-class batting line-up. India is at the top of the list when it comes to consistency in producing some really legendary batsmen; Sehwag, Ganguly, Sachin, Dhoni, Yuvraj, Kohli and a number of such classy batsmen who give really barge on the scorecard. It also consists of a decent set of bowlers. It has been in the top rankings in all ICC formats and is really determined and eligible as well to excel in the event. Our opinion is below

Chances Of Winning 2019 Cricket World Cup: [highlight color=”green”]7/10[/highlight]


WHAT TO SAY, perhaps one of the most composed teams on the board. The kangaroos have always been the challenging sides of all time and if they wish they can smash any team in a jiffy. Okay quit to main, we all know what these monsters have done recently. They thrashed India and Pakistan in their home-grounds and named the series. And also they have been four times World Champions in the ICC world cup format. Who knows the WC 2019 will be the 5 TITLE HAUL for the AUSSIES.

Chances Of Winning 2019 Cricket World Cup: [highlight color=”green”]6/10[/highlight]


The land of the KIWIS has bared a very fine and competitive team but has also been very unfortunate in the big matches as well. Don’t know why either it is the pressure of the situation or lack of luck but they hardly make it to the last rounds. If we go to the stats then they have a very healthy side this time and can prevail if odds are in their favor in the ICC WC 2019.

Chances Of Winning 2019 Cricket World Cup: [highlight color=”green”]8/10[/highlight]


The South Africans, when it comes to the most stubborn ones then surely they fetch a right spot there. They do not give up their match easily and fight till the last ball. But unfortunately, share an identical position along with the Black Caps. Yes, they also face some drawbacks when it comes to big games. And this time the Mr.360, AB Devilliers will not be there as well. The CW 2019 will surely be a huge challenge for them.

Chances Of Winning 2019 Cricket World Cup: [highlight color=”green”]6/10[/highlight]


The Sri Lankan team has shown a very poor approach in last years and also been a very unstable side too. They have not been even able to select their captain wisely. All these factors make their position very weak in the tournament. No offense but the figures narrate the complete story their self.

Chances Of Winning 2019 Cricket World Cup: [highlight color=”green”]3/10[/highlight]


Bangladesh a comparatively sober side but they also have not been much impressive throughout. They do have some world class players but in a limited number and cricket is group’s game. We don’t often see such matches that are won single-handedly, so the team will have to try its level best to survive in the world cup 2019.

Chances Of Winning 2019 Cricket World Cup: [highlight color=”green”]2/10[/highlight]


The Pashtuns have been remarkable throughout when it comes to progression and player development. Even the world’s number one bowler Rashid Khan is their discovery. And what can we say about their power hitting, it seems like they only know how to hit Sixes and sometimes boundaries too. They will be an absolute threat to all the contestants in the event.

Chances Of Winning 2019 Cricket World Cup: [highlight color=”green”]1/10[/highlight]


The Windies are in a trembling form right now and the way they made it through the qualifiers explains it all. They surely have a well-established name in the ICC cricket history and just like Pakistan is a very unpredictable team. So let’s wait for the tournament to start and the rest will be said by the battles themselves.

Chances Of Winning 2019 Cricket World Cup: [highlight color=”green”]1/10[/highlight]

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